Shirley is furious with Whitney!

We all threw our dinner plates at the telly on Friday night as Mick and Whitney kissed for the third time, but did anything else happen? Next week we will see her behaviour start to spiral out of control, is it guilt or something more troubling?
New pictures have been released showing a furious Shirley, confronting Whitney and accusing her of worming her way into the family.
EastEnders Shirley Carter and Whitney Carter
Shirley rages at Whitney
Whitney has never been one to take abuse from somebody, and that’s not going to change now. She defends her recent actions and also tells Shirley a few home truths.
Why is Shirley so angry? We’ll have to wait until Monday’s episode to find out. but with her name above the door, will she tell her to leave? – Linda will be returning any day now, get ready for the fireworks!
EastEnders Linda Henry and Shona McGarty
Shirley is furious with Whitney
EastEnders Monday 29th May, 8pm BBC One