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Lauren/Josh Story Takes A Turn

Story takes a turn as Abi involves herself in the situation . . .

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

/ by WalfordEast


Things take a turn next week when Abi notices the attraction between her sister and Josh. When Lauren is feeling even more pressured within her relationship with Steven, she is relieved for some time out when Josh invites her to a client event.

Cancelling her evening plans with Steven, things become a little awkward at work when she walks in on Josh changing out of his suit.

Venting to Abi, Steven is shocked when she decides to stir the pot, telling him that Lauren and Josh are getting on a little too well. You're starting to take after your dad there Abi!



The cracks start to show when Steven spots Josh dropping Lauren home after work, it looks like he's about to take his controlling behaviour to a whole new level.

Will Steven's actions finally push Lauren into the arms of another man?



EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday 23rd May on BBC One

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