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Denise Shoots Down Possible Reconciliation

Will this news from Kim force Denise to open up to Kush?

Thursday, 18 May 2017

/ by WalfordEast

Life hasn't been easy for Denise lately, but things will get worse when a possible reconciliation are shot down and she learns that he's back on the dating scene.

Denise cut Kush out of her life when she started to struggle financially, instead of opening up and being honest.

With Kush going on a blind date, Denise is left struggling with her feelings towards him, especially when he catches her on her way to her first exam, and wishes her luck.


When Denise later reveals to her sister what happened in the market, Kim gets over excited, jumping to the conclusion that the pair would get back together. Denise then explains that she has no intention of getting back with Kush, instead she wants to remain friends.

A disappointed Kim decides to tell Denise about Kush's date, will this push Denise into realising that she actually wants to be with him?




EastEnders airs this episode on Monday 22nd May on BBC One

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