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Redwater Will Air On BBC One Soon!

BBC to air EastEnders Spin-off in May

Monday, 27 March 2017

/ by WalfordEast

It feels like years since Kat and Alfie left Walford, she found out she was a mother of twins, one of which was given up for adoption.

The truth came out when the nun who was present at the birth, arrived in Walford and told her everything. As the pair set off, we were promised a six part spin-off to follow their journey.

The spin-off will follow on with Kat and Alfie arriving in Ireland, but the story will take a dark turn: “I can’t tell you how exciting it is. It’s a real, dark story,” Shane Richie said on This Morning

“When I was reading the script, I kept thinking half-way through that Kat and Alfie have to get out of this village but they don’t. It’s a stand alone drama and nothing to do with EastEnders except for that it’s Kat and Alfie. A whole new universe has been created.”

We have been told that Redwater will finally air on BBC One in May. With the actors having no plans in returning to EastEnders, could that be a clue as to how the story comes to an end? - We're sure the BBC will start airing a trailer for the mini series soon.

 EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

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