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Look Who's 'In Talks' For Return!

Look who's in talks for EastEnders return!

Friday, 31 March 2017

/ by WalfordEast

Ned Porteous, who played Mark Fowler Jnr, has said he is in talks about a return to the show, and there's a chance Grant will return with him!

Speaking to The Sun, the hunky actor said: “I might be coming back to Eastenders and Ross wants to return. With Danny Dyer on a break the show needs a bad boy.”

Twitter: @NedPorteous

Ned appeared in EastEnders last year when his character found out he was the son of Grant Mitchell. He and on sister Courtney, soon became favourites of  EastEnders viewers who pleaded with soap bosses to get them back.

Fans want to see Mark Jnr, Courtney and Grant return as they know they will be great viewing, especially with what Michelle has been up to lately.

What do you think, do we need the father and son to return to Walford, and what about Vicky and Courtney?

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  1. Bring vicky, Mark and grant back it will be a good story line

  2. Bring them back it would be fun

  3. They need to do something, I like eastenders because of the gritty side to characters like johnny Allen we need a proper bad guy, a ruthless person who makes it more dramatic. Soaps are going down hill quickly and these new writers need to pull their fingers out.


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