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Disaster Strikes Next Week in EastEnders!

A disaster will rock one family's world

Saturday, 25 March 2017

/ by WalfordEast
Walford East

We have one of those weeks fast approaching, one where anything is a possibility. We get to see the secret affair of Michelle and Preston finally exposed, in true EastEnders fashion of course!

We have heard that the revelation will lead to a disaster when Michelle loses control, while another family will be left shocked when an unexpected incident changes them for good.

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Michelle has a lot to worry about next week, especially after slapping her best friends son, Dennis. She also has to face the fact that she may have lost Preston for good, he and Bex make their relationship official.

With Michelle and Preston being outed, chaos ensues and a disaster will rock one family's world. Recent events leave Tina in an emotional state, leaning on Whitney for support.

By the end of the week, residents are trying to make sense of what has just happened, some families will not be able to forget the past and some of the residents will have to pull together if they're going to make it through this one.

There is of course some information being kept top secret. What would you like to see happen? 

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

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  1. Whitney and Tina have an affair!!

    1. Well it is EastEnders . . . you never know!

    2. Whitney & Lauren surely 😊☺, they're both beautiful.

  2. I reckon Bex tries to kill herself after discovering Preston and Michelle together and the culmination of the bully but she doesnt die.
    Meanwhile Sylvie passes away but their is more to it. Maybe Tina smothers her in her sleep?

  3. For Michelle m Preston to go away and never come back. Preston is so slimy and Michelle just needs go back to America she is so annoying, that annoying I don't enjoy eastenders anymore ��

    1. Totally agree - can't stand either of them!

  4. Bex is pregnant, that'll put the cat amongst the pigeons

  5. My thoughts: Michelle and preston get caught obviously, but all will be revealed that Michelle is pregnant with prestons baby and so is bex! Bex wont tell preston and carry on like its someone else's baby but in real fact it will be Prestons! Then Michelle gets caught with preston and she gets arrested! Sharon comes back to get dennis and leave again! Sylvie obviously passes away but i think there will be more to that story than eastenders is holding on :D

  6. Michelle to go, as she is not only a bad actress, but does not fit into Eastenders. Preston to vanish, as he appears not to be making a very good American and you can hardly hear his dialogue. ''Something'' needs to be done about Dennis as he is a horrid little brat. I have to agree with Anonymous, I have gone off Eastenders as the characters and some of the story lines are far fetched.


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