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EastEnders Pictures: Bex Left Heartbroken

EastEnders Pictures: Bex is left heartbroken

Sunday, 26 March 2017

/ by WalfordEast
EastEnders News and Gossip
Bex has had to deal with school bullies over the past couple of months, but she will be dealt a whole new blow next week when she is betrayed by a member of her own family.

The teenager is on cloud nine taking her relationship with Preston to a new level, that is until she and the entire community become aware that he has been having a secret affair with her aunt, Michelle.

When it comes to the big reveal, all we have been told is that it comes out in true EastEnders style. Good old Stacey comes to Bex's rescue but can the family forgive Michelle?

The dramatic week starts Monday 27th March on BBC One


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  1. I'll be glad when Bex naffs off to stay with her mum in Croydon or wherever the dull, dull, dull Sonia is living these days.


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