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EastEnders Reveals Max's Revenge Plot!

What on earth in Max planning?

Thursday, 26 January 2017

/ by WalfordEast

We're not sure what the Carters have done to upset Max, or maybe because the pub is the hub of the community, but Max Branning seems to have the Queen Victoria very high up that list of his.

We knew Max was hiding something but it seems Jake Wood has returned with a very dark storyline in hand. He also seems to have a very wealthy sidekick, maybe the one pulling the strings?

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The new character played by Simon Williams, simply credited as the Chairman of Weyland & Co. Meeting Max in the Shard in central London, he said: "That's where I grew up over there. Deprived, depressed. Not many people got out of there, believe me. But look at it now. Brimming with potential. New housing, thriving businesses. Finally, it's a place where people aspire to live.
"The trouble is, too many people have a foot in the past. They can't see the big picture. From what I hear, you're going great guns."

"You're a man after my own heart, Max. Never let emotions get in the way of progress. So, what about the pub?"

Max then told him: "Well that's next on my list. Let it burn for all I care."

Speaking to Luisa Bradshaw-White at last night's NTA's, she said this years running story will be about the Carters and The Queen Vic. We can only imagine how this storyline will pan out! 

Was Walford in need of a new baddie or two?

EastEnders returns Monday on BBC One
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  1. Good, I was hoping the Mitchells would get back behind the bar, but this is better.


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