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Kellie Reveals More Details About Leaving EastEnders!

Kellie Bright Reveals More Details About Leaving EastEnders - Linda Carter

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

/ by WalfordEast

With her departure imminent, Kellie Bright has revealed more details about leaving the soap. Many fans were worried that soap bosses would break up Mr & Mrs Carter, don't worry, it's not gonna happen!

Kellie revealed that she is taking off six months to have her baby. The storyline surrounding her departure has been kept top secret. It has been confirmed that Danny Dyer will not be leaving.

"I'll be on maternity leave for six months," she told Inside Soap. "EastEnders were very flexible, and left it entirely up to me.

"I didn't want to be away forever but I also wanted enough time at home to enjoy my baby."

Luisa who plays Tina Carter, said she will look after Danny while Kellie is away: "They're so cute together, and they've worked really hard to make that relationship special," she said. "They've put so much of themselves into it and I've learned a lot from them both."

 Natalie Cassidy will return later next year as Sonia Jackson, she left on maternity leave also.

EastEnders airs on BBC One.
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  1. I thought Kellie was pregnant as I have seen her small bump a few times and wondered. All the best with the birth and new Bub but don't stay away for too long


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