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Do you want to write for EastEnders? - Apply Now!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

/ by WalfordEast

We have tens of emails every day asking to work on EastEnders, from acting to writing. Today it has been announced that EastEnders are looking for two writers!

How fantastic would it be to have your own storyline, played out by characters you have watched most of you life?

Reporting to the Script Producer, the Script Editors will work as part of a team overseeing episodes from the idea stage to delivery to the production crew, and through to shoot. They’ll get to generate creative ideas as well as long term story ideas, Script Editors work with the production teams representing the writers’ interests, ensuring their consent to script changes as well as ensuring the scripts are editorially correct, carrying out the necessary checks.

Dan Goldsmith
 If you have previous experience, show that you have the ability to create new and unique ideas for the show, then head on over to HERE to submit your CV!

Please note, you have until 2nd September to submit your application. Good luck!
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  1. Gutted I wanted to be on the show as an ex lover who helped her boyfriend cover up a murder x

  2. i love eastenders i think i would be good as an actor

  3. Would love to be on the show and be Ronnie and Roxys dads secret daughter

  4. I would love to join EastEnders and act out story lines because when I'm older I have always said that I want to be an actress when I'm older I loving Drama/Acting! And I always said that I always wanted to be on EastEnders if I become an actress!

  5. Writing for eastenders is not really my thing I have always wanted to be a soap actor myself have done since in my teens so if anything I would rather much being actor on eastenders myself

  6. I would love to become an actress eastenders is my favourite soap dont watch any others to be honest. Been through enough history of my own think would be a great experience x

  7. It would be a dream come true to something like that. Be behind the scenes. Write amazing storylines and bring new characters in for views to fall in love with. That would be a great opportunity. I have lots of ideas Email me please

  8. Love to play as a actor call 07535001776

  9. What can I say omg would love to be part of the eastenders cast as a actor this is actually the only soap that I watch to be a part of something as big as eastenders would be a dream come true love it

  10. I am very good with creative writing and I have two really good plots that I would love to share you that would blow people's minds and really get everyone thinking! It could be a mysterious character or even myself playing the character. It could be someone new or another identify being revealed. I've always always always loved to be on eastenders! Not just for behind the scenes but for experiencing it and I'm always inspired for ideas. I've watched eastenders since I was 14 so I pretty much know each character in and out of their time on screen! What their plots were etc. Plus I love those shocking moments of the unexpected that happens!


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