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Two More Characters To Leave Walford!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

/ by WalfordEast

We can reveal that Pam and Les Coker will leave Walford. The pair will leave later this year. Roger Sloman who plays Les and Lin Blakley who plays his on-screen wife Pam, joined the soap and appeared on our screens for the first time in 2012.

An insider told The Mirror, “Pam and Les have been a big part of the show over the past few months and with their current storyline, bosses felt that it was the right time for their characters to leave the Square.

“There is still plenty more drama to come from the Cokers before they leave Walford.”

We are currently watching the pair come to terms with the death of their grandson Paul. Les has given every item of Christine's back to Claudette to dispose of. We have heard that Les' secret will be a big part of the couple leaving.

Last night a show spokesman said: “We can confirm that Roger and Lin will be leaving EastEnders later this year.

"They have been a pleasure to work with and we wish them all the best for the future.”

Will you be sad to see them leave? 

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  1. Yeah , I have to say tho they came on the show in the most bazzare storyline . But I feel their good people , and very complex I've grown sympathetic to their situation !!

  2. I will miss them.

  3. Yes...grown fond of them...was not too sure to start with. will be sad to see them go

  4. They are fantastic characters played by tremendous actors. I'll certainly miss them!

  5. Superb actors and characters. Sad that they are leaving. :(

  6. Omg Cant Believe They Are Going Gonna Miss Them

  7. Pam is one of my favourite characters shame she's going.

  8. PLEASE PLEASE leave it OPEN so they can return. Roger and Lin are so funny in their roles and are brilliant actors. They could hold up a sitcom all of their own. Everyone loves Pam and Les is sooo funny. I was hoping they could have funnier lines and be the light relief to the Squares heavier on going stories but the duo's 'on screen' comedic value was not picked up on. Shame, as they have so much more to offer the soap. With a bit of script tweaking the pathos in their story line might have been worth a BAFTA on it's own. I wish them luck!

  9. I love their characters.............Sad to see them go!

  10. There will be no one left in enders the rate they are getting rid of people sham. Les and Pam make a good couple


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