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EastEnders Waves Goodbye To Another Character!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

/ by WalfordEast

C'mon, you must have seen it a mile off. It has been confirmed that Buster Briggs is set to leave Walford.

Karl who plays the east-ender has only been in the soap for two years, and he has already filmed his final scenes!

EastEnders are of course keeping quiet about his exit, but we can guess it has something to do with Shirley and Kathy. Buster has sought the company of Kathy Beale, they have been seeing eachother for a couple of weeks.

Buster will leave our screens within the next few weeks. Are you sad to see him go?

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  1. Please don't get rid of Buster, he's a great actor and character.

  2. Noooo!! I will be very sad for him to go, he's a brilliant actor , my partner likes him a lot, but when I first saw he was cheating then that's what I had in mind that he was going to leave but it is very upsetting :(

  3. Yes.I like him.Get rid of that bloody sour,smokier Shirley instead.Its more than time she went.

  4. Get rid of babe

    1. Totally agree. Babe is a pain in the a---!!

    2. I agree get rid of Babe and keep Buster

  5. No..Shirley ain't the romantic type and buster is only looking for a bit of a cuddle but Shirley don't do cuddles so he went elsewhere for attention...get rid of whiny abi or babe ...don't keep on getting rid of good actors...get rid of the bad actors 1st

  6. Can he buy shirley a make over before he goes? Her hair is awful!

  7. I think buster is a great character with his wit and charm

  8. A good actor and good match for Kathy. She deserves some happiness. Give her a break and keep Buster in the soap.


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