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EastEnders - Spring Spoilers

EastEnders Spring Spoilers

Thursday, 31 March 2016

/ by WalfordEast

With more drama ahead, Johnny Carter will make his return from Italy. Johnny will arrive shortly after the departure of his sister Nancy. The Carters will still be turmoil after baby Ollie continues to show signs of brain damage

Someone will put Ronnie Mitchell in danger, this started after she and Jack reunite. Her stalker even goes as far as trying to arrange her funeral. We have learned that there will be plenty of twists and turns ahead, including the return of her mother Glenda.

We revealed in January that Jay Mitchell will finally get a huge storyline of his very own. New girlfriend Linzi has been named as a big character in the storyline. Could she be hiding a dark secret? The story will kick off within the next couple of weeks.

The big Mitchell reunion is just around the corner. Peggy Mitchell will return to Walford to die. Her son Grant will return also followed by Samantha Mitchell. Barbara has been working hard on this storyline since last summer, she is so passionate for Peggy to have an epic finale, get your Kleenex's ready!

With Phil trying to rekindle his relationship with Kathy, Ben will also have problems around the corner when Abi's secret is exposed. Hopefully Ben and Paul will finally get together. We have heard that the lie could be enough to tip him over the edge.

Kathy is left confused with her feelings for ex-husband Phil and it seems Gavin is about to make another surprise visit.

Claudette will be back to seek revenge on her son Vincent and Patrick Trueman. She promised to Pearl that she would be back soon so we don’t think that Vincent, Kim, Donna and Patrick should relax any time soon.

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  1. Do you guys care how loyal fans from NYC feel about the show? I have been watching it since 1985 and still do we lost the show for a couple of years and with that and the fact we only get 2 episodes a week we are about 9 1/2 years behind! I have now watched every show from September 15, 2015 up till April 1`st!

  2. And all I can tell you if I were able to vote in the British Soap Awards, DAVOOD GHADAMI and LACEY TURNER get my votes. Mr. Ghadami has a large range of skills and abilities, he's gotten me to be choked up and cry and MS. TURNER well what can one say about an actress who can convince me she's bipolar and has postpartum depression? She is a wonder! If both of them were my children I'd be one proud papa!


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