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Do YOU want to be in EastEnders spin-off?

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

/ by WalfordEast

If you are in Ireland and want to be in the EastEnders spin-off with Kat & Alfie Moon, here's your chance. The series called Redwater, due to air in October, are holding auditions for men, women and children.

The first audition is held Friday (April 1) between 4pm and 8pm at the Sailing Club in Dunmore East, while The Quay in Waterford holds separate try-outs on Saturday (April 2) from 12pm to 7pm.

The director spoke to Irish television RTE: "To have something like this come across our doorway is fantastic for us, and so exciting for Waterford and the surrounding areas.

"I know some of the filming is going to be done in Dunmore East too. We are just delighted to be part of it - it's fantastic."

The series will follow Kat go in search for the son she never knew she had. 

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  1. Omg I've always said I will be in EastEnders one day lol omg I would so fit in loooool pick me everyone would love a bit of eastenders with me in it �� yes please! Pick me ��

  2. I would love too!

  3. My daughters and I are all from the east end but now live here so to be part of our culture for a few days would be fun and we would so fit in! Bring it on kat and Alfie

  4. Would love to appear on this spin off but unfortunately I dont know where its being filmed and also am not well at the moment so wouldn't be much use but will be an amazing experience for anybody that gets picked up �� best of luck to everybody


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