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Why Danny Dyer's Life Changed in February 2016

EastEnders Danny Dyer Life Changing Experience.

Monday, 29 February 2016

/ by WalfordEast

Earlier this month Danny Dyer spent three days in Sierra Leone. He has spoke about the 'wave after wave of fucking devastation' and reveals that it has changed the way he views life.

Danny, who plays Mick Carter said: ‘I was shitting myself as I knew it was going to be emotionally challenging, really emotionally challenging.

‘And I’m an emotional person, they were worried about that aspect as well.’

He visited the country to see how the money raised by Sports Relief is used, the affects of malaria and how simple it is to prevent. 

He was utterly shocked to see the town where Ebola wiped out thousands upon thousands of people.
He explained: ‘The sights, the sounds, the smells – not all sweet, it has to be said – rendered me speechless . . . which doesn’t happen all that often.

‘The market we went through was particularly gob-smacking. To say it was bustling would do it a massive disservice, the place made Albert Square look like closing time at the library.’

He then went on to say how embarrassed he felt for not doing more to help.

He added: ‘Coming home from the trip left me in a weird state of mind. My little girl moans that she’s only got ten per cent left on her iPad so she can’t take it to bed, and I just look at her and think, “If only you knew?”.

‘I can’t blame my kids, that’s all they know, and I do really believe it’s the luck of the draw where you’re from. But I was left thinking, “Wow, kid, you really ain’t got a clue what pain is or what irritation is”.

‘Worrying about your iPad or worrying about when you’re gonna eat are two separate things. My attitude has changed to some of the stuff that is allowed to be moaned about in my house.’

You can read his full piece here courtesy of The Sun.

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