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Patrick Discovers Denise's Plan

EastEnders Denise decides to help ex Lucas.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

/ by WalfordEast

Most of you will be team Patrick when he finds out about Denise's plan to help her ex Lucas. I mean, as everyone keeps reminding her, he killed Jordan's mother and Libby's father. He also kidnapped her and held her in the basement. Her entire family then held a funeral for her!

Denise will take Jordan to see his father in prison but lies to her family about where she is going. It's not long before Lucas gets his claws into both her and his son, Jordan then asks Denise to help his father get into a work scheme.  He explains that Denise is his only chance.

After a talk with Jordan, Denise decides to set up a meeting with the prison governor. With Kim and Patrick completely against Denise having anything to do with her murderous ex, she decides to keep it secret.

When Patrick speaks to Kathy and Shirley, he discovers the truth about Denise's whereabouts. When Denise and Jordan are about to leave to meet with the prison governor, Patrick stops them in their tracks and demands answers.

Are you team Patrick or team Denise? Comment below!

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