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Grant Mitchell Catch Up

EastEnders Grant Mitchell. Catch-up.

Monday, 29 February 2016

/ by WalfordEast

Grant Mitchell arrived in Walford with his brother Phil 26 years ago. Grant was a paratrooper and after he left the British Army, he and his brother decided to buy The Arches.

Grant started dating the local barmaid Sharon Watts. It wasn't long before you could see he was possessive and controlling. He put The Queen Vic landlord Eddie Royle, in hospital for flirting with Sharon. He was then a suspect in Eddie's murder.

Sharon always see a different side to Grant, the sweet natured side, much like she does with Phil. To show his love, Grant buys her childhood home, The Queen Victoria. The pair go on to get married. They really were the power couple long before the Moons and the Carters.

Things turned sour for the couple and they would fight constantly. Sometimes, over the silliest things, other times over Grant being desperate for a child of his own.

When things got financially tight for the couple, Grant came up with a plan to set fire to the pub for the insurance money. Sharon and her dog Roly nearly die in the fire.

When Sharon arrives back at the Vic, she tries to take control of the business, Grant reacts violently and attacks Sharon and her best friend Michelle. He is arrested and sent to prison. While in prison, Sharon gets a little closer to his married brother Phil.

Grant attacks his brother, putting him in hospital and forces Sharon to leave the UK. She later returns to humiliate him in front of his family and friends, leaving him heartbroken before she moved back to America.

After Sharon leaves Walford, Her best friend Michelle Fowler and Grant spend the night together. Michell later fell pregnant with Grant's baby, she decided to leave Walford, also moving to the States.

Grant marries Tiffany, the best friend of Bianca Jackson. The pair have a baby together and get married. The relationship struggles under the cloud that is Grant's paranoia and control. Tiffany leaves Grant and flees to Spain when she discovers that he has been having an affair with her own mother!

Grant tracks Tiffany down and takes their daughter Courtney back to Walford with him. Tiffany hatches a plan to get Courtney back, in her escape she is hit by a car and dies on the pavement outside the Queen Vic.

Fast forward to 2005, Grant is back to help sister Sam after she gets arrested for the murder of Den Watts.

Grant manages to put his differences with both Phil and Sharon behind him, forgiving Sharon when she confesses that she aborted his child. Grant and Phil manage to persuade Sharon, Den's daughter, that Chrissie (Den's second wife) is the real killer.

He finds CCTV evidence of Chrissie admitting she is the murderer to gangster Johnny Allen. Johnny has a grudge against the Mitchell brothers because of their mother Peggy Mitchell and uses the tape as bait to try to kill them. The brothers eventually beat Johnny at his nightclub office in order to get the tape, Sam is released from prison and Chrissie is imprisoned. Following this, Grant returns to Rio.

He returns with his daughter Courtney Mitchell, citing family and financial problems back in Brazil. Phil tricks Grant to help him in his quest for revenge against Johnny, who killed Sharon's second husband Dennis Rickman.

Amidst arguing amongst the Mitchell brothers, Johnny, armed with a shotgun, captures them and orders his henchman Danny Moon to take them to a forest and kill them. They are rescued by Danny's brother Jake Moon, who shoots his brother dead at the last second - saving Phil and Grant. Jake secretly buries his brother in the woods and Johnny turns himself into the police.

Grant flirts with Jane Collins, Ian Beale's girlfriend; he seduces her after getting a job working for Jake at the newly reopened Scarlet nightclub. Their affair ends when Phil catches them together and Grant then has a one-night stand with 19-year-old Chelsea Fox.

Before Grant leaves for Portugal, he dumps his wife in a rubbish bin, ending their marriage.

Grant Mitchell arrives back on our screens in the spring when he returns after the news of his mothers illness. He will later be joined by his sister Samantha when they bid an emotional farewell to the original Queen of the Vic Peggy. It is not known if EastEnders plan to cast the role of his daughter Courtney.

What was your favourite Grant moment?

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