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EastEnders - Honest Review: Thursday 25th February Part 1

EastEnders Honest Review by Walford East

Sunday, 28 February 2016

/ by WalfordEast

We were treated to a double dose of episodes on Thursday because of rugby on Friday night. We're not against sport at all but surely one or the other could have been pushed to BBC Two? Anyways, lets crack on.

The first of Thursday's episodes opened with a sulking Abi, she had just learned that her boyfriend Ben may have caught an STD from a one night stand. Most of us would be livid but she is angry for all the wrong reasons. She is only upset because her plan to fall pregnant is ruined!

The thought of sitting through an episode where we don't see a sour faced Abi sounds perfect right about now. Lets hope the character has a major overhaul pretty soon.

Every actor involved in the mental health storyline have been acting their butts off and it shows, fantastic portrayal by all. That does include this lady but something is not sitting right for me. I might be completely wrong but she seems to have a creepy edge to her character. Who knows, more may evolve from her but something just doesn't feel right. Is it just me? Let me know below please.

Just over 3 minutes in and Abi's sour face is back. I understand that her mother is not in her life, her dad is banged up on murder charges, her sister who gets all the attention is on the other side of the planet but smile Abi, you live in Walford. What's the worst that can happen?

Some of you don't like Claudette, why? She is brilliant! If looks could kill, Walford would have a population of three. The banter between her and Kim is hilarious, don't even get me started on the bouncy castle episode!

Claudette's in a mood because Gavin knows her dirty little secret. We all know that she batters him next week but we're sure she has a loving side to her . . . somewhere, give it a minute.

Oh we all love it when Mick appears on our screen. He's asking Whitney to help out in the pub kitchen but is completely unaware that his sweet aunt Babe is being a right old witch. Being the head of the family, we can expect Mick to be the one to oust Babe from the family. It will happen soon, I can feel it in me waters!

I can't seem to wonder what's next for Kush. I hope 'Enders have something up their sleeve because it seems, after the baby reveal, Kush may become a spare part. Maybe just have him in the back of shot shirtless? Just an idea, that's certainly worth the license fee alone. He hears that Martin has done a bunk to America, so his first thought is to go and see Stacey. She didn't thank him for it!

You gotta love Whitney when she bites back. Babe is grinding on me as much as she is you, but the dynamic between the pair is great viewing and in true EastEnders style, she will have have her day. It was only a couple of months ago when Babe was nearly disowned by her entire family. She feels everything is going her way, I mean did you see how happy she was to wipe Whitney's name off that menu board!  That won't last long.

So Ian sold the restaurant, you know, the place that has barely been on our screens since Lucy died. He has sold the property to a company called CostMart. After a great day of takings, Jane's plan to change his mind failed. Does this mean a new set and new characters? Ooooh we hope so.

Did you try and block this cringe inducing scene from your mind too? Abi's snide remarks make you believe she is utterly jealous that her ex has actually found someone nice. When asked if she wanted to go on holiday with them, she snootily turned her nose up before being made to feel uncomfortable by all the romance in the room. You could have that with someone too Abi, just not Ben.

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  1. Except it was former Casualty actor David Paisley playing the doctor. Oh well...

  2. Except it was former Casualty actor David Paisley playing the doctor. Oh well...

  3. I agree, there is something weird about the nurse looking after Stacey. Aunt Babe does my head in, she's so twisted! Lee sleeping with Abi cringe! Can feel another baby daddy storyline coming on, eastenders stop using the same plots ��

  4. I wish Claudette would go on a killing spree and take Abi, Aunt Babe and Sonia out!
    While we are a couple of weeks behind the UK in screened episodes I have been super impressed with Stacey's acting, I felt emotionally drained after the episode where she was admitted to hospital, and as you say all the people involved in this story line.


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