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VIDEO: Shane & Jessie Talk The Perfect Murder

Friday, 27 November 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Jessie and Shane spoke about why they both decided to take part in the new dark comedy The Perfect Murder, they explained how different their characters are from Kat and Alfie Moon on EastEnders.

Richie said: "They thought it was a great idea because of our on-screen chemistry and I remember thinking that it was great because it is so different to Kat and Alfie."
Watch the full interview by clicking play below:

He continued: "There is a love there that is sadly very deep and that is so different to the characters we play on screen. The reaction from the audience will be really interesting and I am looking forward to that."

The pair have taken a break from EastEnders to do the play but they will return for Christmas and then again after their six part EastEnders spin off set in Ireland.

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