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Shabnam Pregnant?!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

/ by WalfordEast

It's that time already, the date of Jade's hearing. Big mouth Mick only let slip that Shabnam had taken Jade without permission leaving Shirley with a huge smug look on her face. Shabnam breaks down but before she can plea to Shirley, Buster steps in and rushes them out the pub.

When Shabnam and Kush later leave court, they have a conversation and come to a decision. After Stacey and Shabs make amends, she drops a bombshell on Stacey that she might be pregnant!

Also in this episode: Ian is annoyed when he learns that the council are refusing to get a Christmas tree for the Square this year. He comes up with a plan - his restaurant can sponsor the tree.
Elsewhere, Claudette and Kim continue to bicker.

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