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EastEnders to bring in diverse new characters?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Claudette Hubbard is mostly known for being the outspoken mother of Vincent and Donna but Ellen Thomas who plays her has said she hopes the characters previous foster children will be introduced as Claudette has been fostering for over 30 years.

Ellen previously said that because Claudette has fostered for over 30 years, that opens up the possibilities to bring in so many diverse characters. When asked if that was still on the cards, Thomas said to Inside Soap: "I hope so. That was one of the ideas they hooked when I came on board."

"It's an opportunity to bring in more people with diverse backgrounds, so I am hoping the producers follow through with it. I would love for all of Claudette's kids to turn up and say, 'Hello mum'."

Ellen also praised EastEnders for their latest storyline with Les and Pam Coker, covering cross dressing within a marriage.

Thomas said: "When I watched Christine's first appearance, I got a bit teary. Even though I had been there and filmed it, when watching I just thought about the people going through the same thing in real life. " I hoped it would really move the audience as well - and from the feedback we have had, it sounds as if people have been really touched by Les's story."

Peggy Mitchell's sister Sal (AKA Aunt Sal) will return at Christmas sparking tension between the pair. There is a past with theses two but not much more has been released regarding their history.

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