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Carters Christmas Day

Sunday, 22 November 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Wind your memory back 11 months to Christmas day 2014, Mick smashed up the pub after he found out that his brother raped his wife Linda. This year, the family are determined to make 2015 the best Christmas ever. Babe is the first to start off beating last year by buying a live goose!

Speaking on Alan Carr's Chatty Man about what dramas lie ahead for Mick and co this December, Danny Dyer said: "It’s bad to be honest. I can’t really declare it but it’s f*****g horrible yeah. I’ve got away with Christmas Day but New Year's Day is the one where I am getting married and all that stuff. But it goes wrong, badly, but it gets better.

"It’s got a right good ending on New Year's Day. That’s all I can give away - the ending is unbelievable. It’s a right lovely 'doof doof'. For once it is a nice 'doof doof'."

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