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Stacey's Miracle Baby

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Stacey will make the front page news in all the local newspapers. Stacey gives birth to her baby after getting a nasty electric shock at her Halloween party on Friday. She will get all the unwanted attention as she is worried about the paternity of her newborn. Will she have to come clean? Of course, it's a soap!

Lee comes under pressure also this week when he is responsible for the faulty wiring that shocks Stacey at the party. An already depressed Lee will become distant from Whitney.  He decides to cope with the situation by partying and drinking.

Martin meets all his mates in the Vic to celebrate the birth of the baby and makes amends with Lee, he decides to party with the boys leaving Whitney on the side lines. Elaine offers Whitney some words of advice.

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