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Phil's Back on The Bottle

Monday, 26 October 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Poor Phil has had it rough this past few months, but that's great for Steve fans because he gives such an amazing performance acting out a drunk person or someone on drugs.

Phil has struggled massively in the past with alcohol and drugs and it seems his old demons are returning as he feels he can't cope. Ben is left shocked when he walks in on drunk Phil who begs him for more alcohol.

Harry Reid, who plays Ben, commented: "Ben has only seen bits of Phil drinking, back in the early years when Charlie Jones played Ben. Ultimately Phil is a strong man. In Ben's eyes, he's God! So when Ben sees that weak bit of Phil, it gives Ben a bit of backbone.

"Ben loves his dad and he's got to sort him out. Although he hasn't seen it much, he's heard about that part of Phil's life and what it means. There will be a reaction from Ben and he'll man up.

"You take a strong character like Phil and alcohol weakens him and brings him down, like a kick to the guts. That gives Ben some oomph to get him back on track."

Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Beale, added: "The reason Phil has gone back to drinking you'll find out later - it's what Gavin did to him. Gavin is very cunning. He knows everyone's weakness and uses it. Gavin knows that drinking is Phil's weakness.

"Steve McFadden is fantastic, I have to say, in all the episodes onwards."

Dominic Treadwell-Collins explained: "Phil has escaped from Gavin but he's now a broken man and he begs Ben to get him booze, because he's already had some while he's been locked away by Gavin.
"This is the start of a massive storyline for Steve McFadden that will take us right the way through to Easter."
EastEnders airs its Halloween special on Friday (October 30) at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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