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Kim Struggles - PICTURES

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Kim will struggle after the breakdown of her marriage. Last week Kim decided to stand by her family after Vincent and Ronnie's affair was exposed. Vincent had bought number one Albert Square for Kim and Pearl to move into. Kim was ecstatic about it but soon came back down to earth with the help of Denise and Patrick. 

With everyone in Walford excited for the Shabnam and Kush wedding, Kim finds it difficult to keep up appearances.  The question is will Kim go back to Vincent?

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  1. Kim was always such a bright sparkly character in the beginning but sadly they've infected the character with Easternderitis - that dreaded viral infection which blights each & every character - the scriptwriters love spreading it. Soaps need some lighter moments too so I suggest they down a good few glugs of fabric softener - life does have its ups & downs but being down all the time is making for unwatchable tv!

  2. I did prefer it when Kim was just an "airhead" for me, great TV.
    Easties do need to have some more light hearted moments and in doing so the dramatic points will have more impact!
    Soap production 101


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