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Apparently, You Are Not Happy . . .

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Fans are NOT happy after last night's episode. People are getting a little fed up with the Lucy Beale storyline. We have been told it will end at Christmas and to be fair there were some lovely scenes of Kathy becoming reacquainted with her old surroundings, a few echoed voices in the form of Pete Beale, Pat Butcher and Pauline Fowler would have been a great touch.

Kathy was under the impression that Max Branning, a man she doesn't know was responsible for her granddaughter's death but learned yesterday that it was in fact Bobby.

Viewers went online in droves and complained:

One said: "And that makes the 165,703 duff duff of someone finding out that Bobby killed Lucy. #EastEnders."

"Was EastEnders 'big revelation' literally that Bobby killed Lucy?" someone asked. "F**k off we've known that since February."

Another added: "And Bobby appears behind the sofa. #EastEnders how much longer are you gonna drag this on?"

Some people even pointed out that so many people know now that the only person who doesn't is the killer himself!

Someone said: "Can't wait for the duff-duff moment when the milkman is told that Bobby killed Lucy. Hope he gives good duff-duff face."

"Other than the dippy police, is there anyone left in Walford who doesn't know that Bobby killed Lucy?" a Twitter user wondered.

One fan said: "So that's now Ian, Jane, Peter, Cindy, Liam, Lauren, Sharon, Phil, Max, Cathy but still not Bobby - have I missed anyone?"

Meanwhile, executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins revealed that there will be a "climatic" Christmas to come for Bobby, as the Beale brood will take centre stage once again.
Maybe Bobby will finally find out what happened to that jewellery box...
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