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Ian Finally Reunited With Mum Kathy Next Week! - PICTURES

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Next week, viewers will get what they have been waiting months for. Kathy and Ian will finally reunite after 8 years. Although we have seen her a few times since her reveal back in February, Ian has no idea and will find out next week.

After Ian and Bobby return to Walford, Bobby overhears a journalist speaking to Jane about Max and lashes out. Ian pulls him to one side and reminds him that Jane is his mother.

Ian later pops round to see Sharon to thank her for supporting Jane in his absence. Instead of being offered a cuppa, Sharon lays into him about disappearing during the trial and leaving Jane to face it alone.

Ian explains to Jane later how sorry he is and writes a letter. Jane starts to panic the next morning when she wakes up in an empty bed. Jane rushes round to Sharon to explain that Ian is going to commit suicide and then she rushes to the one place she thinks he might be.

Jane finds a rose on Lucy's grave that Ian bought from Pam earlier.

Later, Jane finds Ian on a bridge and tries her best to get him to step down. After her emotional plea, Ian finally takes her hand and steps down.

As Ian and Jane embrace, Ian could not prepare himself to what he would see next as Kathy runs around the corner.

As Ian and Kathy reel from seeing each other, the reunion takes a very sudden turn which could change everything. How will Ian cope with the truth that his mum is actually alive?

Ian Finally Reunited With Mum Kathy Next Week! - PICTURES

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