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Whitney Is About To Change

Saturday, 29 August 2015

/ by WalfordEast
Whitney Dean made her first appearance way back in 2008 when she and her siblings, along with 'step-mum' Bianca were made homeless.

Whitney was cast as a 'mixed up' child and her  storylines had revolved around her fractured family life, and her sexual abuse by Bianca's partner Tony King.

Whitney has been in rough relationships and has acquainted herself with one or two of Walfords young men. But all that is about to change.

It seems Dominic Treadwell-Collins wants to take the character in a whole new direction which means the character will be growing up, fast. Many of you have commented that Shona has not been seen as often as she should on the show and we think, maybe that's because they had no idea what to do with her. With Liam gone and Carol about to depart, Whitney is going to be alone.

On screen, Whitney has been working at the school for some time and we sometimes get glimpses of her with boyfriend Lee, complaining to Sharon about Denny or just pottering about. We have heard that Shona will get some decent storylines soon, and it's about time!

Whitney will become a fierce woman with goals in life and nobody can stop her, we just hope she is not made in to some super-bitch to rival old friend Janine.

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  1. Miss Janine, every street has a super bitch .......even mine in real life - 12 people all on first name basis and then one BITCH - Eastenders is missing that now

  2. I can't stand her. She's only a teaches' aide and not a teacher. It really wouldn't be her place to run to Sharon about Denny, that's the teacher's role. I can't imagine how unbearable she will be when she "grows up."

  3. Sounds great. Can't wait for Whitney to get some good storylines and become one of the strongest females on EastEnders. I believe she'll be involved in Lee's depression storyline, which will be very interesting.


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