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Scrapped! - Grant was to rape wife Tiffany!

Friday, 28 August 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Late last year we were witness to Linda Carter's tragic rape storyline, but almost mirroring that  almost 18 years ago was the storyline they had planned for the Christmas day episode where Grant was to rape his wife Tiffany!

This caused many arguments with Ross Kemp who played Grant because, by then, he was loved by the nation and knew this would end his character. Tabloid reports suggested that Kemp was "absolutely livid" over the storyline idea and planned to quit unless it was scrapped. Knowing that the popular actor was too important to lose, the writers didn't proceed with the plot and a pacified Kemp stayed on as Grant until late 1999.

Well, we for one are glad that didn't happen. We have more 'Scrapped!' posts coming soon.

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