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Jonny Labey receiving homophobic abuse

Thursday, 30 July 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Paul Coker arrived in Walford only a short while ago but actor Jonny Labey who plays Paul has been tharget for homophobic abuse over his gay character on EastEnders.

Jonny, 22, who plays Paul Coker, is involved in a steamy affair with Ben Mitchell – Harry Reid – and they stripped to their boxers for a romp in a funeral parlour.

Jonny said: “People would have been fine if it was a guy and a girl kissing. We need to move on from discrimination against gay men.”
He told Gay Times that EastEnders was trying to show how some gay people found it hard to come out.
Jonny added: “No matter what the storyline is, there’ll be a backlash.

 “It was all very positive, I thought, but it wasn’t until I got curious and started nosing around that I found the negative ones.

"But it doesn’t matter if it’s a rape storyline or a murder; there’s always people that are affected by them.
"It doesn’t matter if it’s gay or not, there’s people that don’t agree or aren’t comfortable watching. It’s 2015, you need to move on from this stupid discrimination against gay men!’
"People would’ve been fine if it was a guy and a girl kissing.”

He said: “The first two weeks were unbelievable. I had a topless scene, a crying scene, an argument and a kissing scene. It all went off.

“We’re not representing gay men in general, that’s something we’re certainly not doing.
“What we’re representing is people that felt uncomfortable coming out to their parents.
"This is just the story of two gay men, and that story for us is that Ben is uncomfortable in coming out, and it’s the reaction of people who’re wanting him to come out.”

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