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Sunday, 28 June 2015

/ by WalfordEast

The pair first hit it off at The Albert and next week Buster and Carol will grow even closer. Carol is really worried about her appointment at the hospital and this is exactly what she needs to take her mind off of things.

On Tuesday they both talk about growing up in Walford as teenagers, Buster suggests they continue the talk back at the B&B with a bottle of wine.

Later, a drunk Carol staggers home to a disgusted Sonia, Carol reveals she slept with Buster.

The cutest couple in Walford for a long time, Tamwar and Nancy prove how rubbish they are as neither one will be honest about how they feel about eachother.

When Nancy storms off after a row, it's actually Shabnam who dishes out the advice to her little brother about relationships. Que a funny Tamwar quote.

Tamwar takes his sisters advice and goes to the Vic to speak to Nancy but finds her unconscious on the floor having another seizure.

When Nancy comes around, the pair talk about their relationship and the L word is used! The couple end up having . . . well . . . let's say they have a special cuddle.

Right, come off it Kush! Time to make your mind up. The man with epic eyebrows is still torn between his fiance or the 'bit on the side' that is Stacey.

I don't think I can stand anymore pained expressions, when he speaks to Stace, he finds out she's got a little secret of her own. DUFF DUFF

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