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NEWS: James Bye was rushed to A&E after severing artery

Monday, 29 June 2015

/ by WalfordEast

James Bye who plays Martin Fowler explained how he severed his artery after offering to cut the stone from an avocado.

Avocados are meant to be a healthy food but not in this case, James can no longer look at them because he was left needing urgent medical treatment.

Speaking to The Sun, James revealed that he slipped while trying to cut the stone out of an avocado and slashed his arm.

He rushed to A&E, where doctors discovered that he had damaged an artery and ligaments in his hand.

They treated his wounds and popped him in a cast up to his elbow - meaning show bosses have to come up
 with an accident for Martin to explain away the bandages.

He explained to SoapSquawk: “I was trying to get a pip out of an avocado and I put the knife through my hand.

“It went through an artery and the ligament, which makes me feel sick thinking about it.

“I’m ok though, but I’ll be in a cast for a while so they are writing it into the show.”

But it’s not just the cast that EastEnders bosses have to write in; they also have to tell the props department to remove ALL avocados from Martin Fowler’s fruit and veg stall in Albert Square.

Apparently the incident has left him unable to even look at them.

He told The Sun: “I can’t look at avocados now.

“I’ve asked for them to be removed from my stall [in the show].”

That doesn't sound too good, does it? We wish him a speedy recovery!

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  1. Wishing yoiu a speedy recovery James.xx

  2. Hope u ave a speedy recovery James xxx


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