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EastEnders Big Summer Stories!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Dominic Treadwell-Collins has been teasing about what's in store in EastEnders this summer. He said there are some huge stories coming and that Vincent, Kim, Paul, Ben, Carol and Stacey are among those who have dramatic times ahead as the show heads towards an explosive autumn.

Speaking at an EastEnders press event, Treadwell-Collins said: "We haven't stopped working since live week and as like last year, we are not shutting shop for summer.

"Sometimes in the past, EastEnders has done stories about camping in the summer and we are not [going down that route]. We are going to propel all the way through, building to a very, very explosive September.

"It is not quiet over the next couple of months. We have the Kush, Shabnam, Martin and Stacey love square and some very big developments and twists in that story.

"Jean Slater comes back to get married and we find out more about Stacey's key. We keep going on about it but we find out a lot more. There is also Carol's departure building - this isn't for a while but we are already building that."

He said: "We learn a lot more about Vincent and Kim and their relationship and the mother-in-law, who sits there all smiley and lovely but she so is not.

"There will be a lot more about Claudette, Claudette's relationship with Kim and Kim's relationship with Vincent which will take us all the way through the summer and straight into September when it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. There are some surprises in that story as well.

"Claudette is also tied into Les and Pam. That is also going to explode massively and Les and Claudette's supposed affair is blown up - that is all I am going to say. Is it an affair?

"That also keys into Paul and Ben's big summer of gay romance which we had a lot of fun with, but it has a seriousness underneath it as well. It's a real love story and it keys Ben up as we dig into what makes Ben tick.

"He has been quite messed up by the death of his mother, which is obviously gearing up to the return of the undead Kathy."

Ben jumps to Lola's defence
Ben and Paul will have a summer of romance

More stories this summer will include a huge twist in the Lucy Beale murder storyline, Lola's departure and a sad story for Lee Carter.

Treadwell-Collins added: "We have also got Jay and Lola - there is a big story for them which leads to Lola's departure - and Nancy and Tamwar - their relationship is going to up a gear quite massively and there are more twists and turns in that. Also, Lee and Whitney, which is going to take quite a serious turn as well.

"Another big story is the Lucy Beale one. We rested the story a little bit and gave it a little breather, but that kicks up a notch over the summer with a big arrest that is going to take us through to September and a few old faces will return for that as well."

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  1. When are we going to find out why Cora is back

  2. We want Stacey's brother back, Please! :-)

  3. Will grant be coming back to sort vincent out as phils getting on abit now


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