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Charlie Brooks Talks Possible EastEnders Return and Gay Boyfriend

Sunday, 29 March 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Charlie Brooks is currently starring in the stage adaptation of the movie Beautiful Thing. She is playing the role of the troubled mother with a gay son, the role played by Linda Henry (Shirley Carter) in the movie. The movie also had Tameka Empson as the loud mouthed neighbour.

Speaking about her first boyfriend she dated for four years and even asked her to marry him, he was gay.
She says: “It’s a part I know well as I’ve watched the film so much when I was younger.
“I have a lot of gay friends and I had a boyfriend who was gay.
“We dated all though school, from 14 until 18, and he even proposed to me.
“I kind of knew he was gay and suggested it but he would never say it. We loved each other so much.
“I said we needed to grow up and go our separate ways, so we split up.
“Then four months later he came to me and said you are right, I’m gay. I said ‘I told you so!’.

The 30th anniversary of EastEnders saw the return of former characters Kathy Beale and Peggy Mitchell, so might Charlie find herself back in Albert Square one day?
She says: “Maybe Janine will come back. At the moment I’m really enjoying theatre but never say never. Janine is so fun to play and so versatile, you can drop her into any situation.
“I missed the EastEnders live week and big reveal because I was away snowboarding. I found out who killed Lucy on the slopes.
“When we got back I watched the live episode which was so good. The cast all did so well, I was really proud of them.
Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks ) kills Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) in EastEnders in 2004
Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks ) kills Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) in EastEnders in 2004
“It’s fantastic that Barry’s death, when Janine pushed him off the cliff, was one of the top EastEnders moments. It was a low point for Janine but a high point for me.
“And Kathy’s back! She looks really good too. My daughter said ‘She can’t be Ian’s mum, she looks younger than he does!’”
Charlie is looking forward to playing Birmingham and visiting old friends.
“I grew up in Barmouth in Wales, where we used to get all the Brummies in the summertime. I have some really good friends living in the city.
“Plus my nan lives in Shrewsbury which isn’t too far away.”

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