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Alfie Saves Kat? (PICTURES)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Next week Alfie will find out about Kat attempting to take her own life. The storyline kicks off soon with viewers watch Kat reach what she feels is the lowest point in her life.

Alfie also finds out that Mo has cashed the money left by Harry but she convinces him it's for the best and also sends some of the money his way.

With new money lining his pockets, Alfie starts splashing the cash and Kat soon becomes suspicious and Alfie is left with no choice but to confess as to where the money came from leaving Kat devastated.

With Stacey trying her hardest to support her, Kat still travels down the dark path to destruction.
Kat arranges a family dinner but is also growing concerned over Tommy's behaviour. 

Kat's day grows worse when the dinner doesn't go to plan, but Alfie is on hand to save the day by treating everyone to a meal at The Vic, where Kat starts to open up to her family about her feelings.

Emotional scenes at the end of the week will see Kat resort to desperate measures after she takes steps to put her plan into place.

When Kat leaves the children with Alfie, he grows suspicious of her behaviour and his fears are soon increased when he notices that Tommy has her money belt.

Kat kisses Alfie
Kat kisses Alfie

Alfie is suspicious of Kat's behaviour
Alfie is suspicious of Kat's behaviour

Alfie sees Tommy with Kat's money belt and knows something is wrong
Alfie realises something is wrong

After racing back to the flat, Alfie is relieved when he speaks to Kat, but after she promises to visit him later that day, he decides to leave.

However, with Kat's words going through his mind, the penny drops with Alfie that she has attempted suicide. A frantic Alfie immediately races up to the flat, where he realises she has taken an overdose and quickly calls an ambulance.

Alfie worries about Kat.
Alfie worries about Kat

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday April 3 at 8pm on BBC One.
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  1. It is about time that we have Kat and Alfie back on our screens. Love these two characters and them as a couple. These next few weeks (hopefully months) should be amazing!


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