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PICTURES: Kim Fears The Worst

Saturday, 21 February 2015

/ by WalfordEast
Kim is struggling to keep positive about baby Pearl's future next week on EastEnders.

On Thursday we see Kim give birth to baby Pearl in the toilet of the Queen Vic. Kim is still upset with sister Denise after the hurtful things she said prior to the birth.

When Denise arrives at the hospital, Kim is too frightened to visit Pearl, Denise becomes a huge support for her sister and they both decide to visit her together.

Kim thinks the early birth is a punishment from god and decides to get her christened as soon as possible.
After the christening has taken place, Denise starts asking Kim questions about Pearl's father. Kim claims that the man she has been speaking about doesn't really exist - she made him up to impress Denise and the baby's real dad is actually a one-night stand. But with Kim still hiding secrets, how honest is she really being?

Pearl is christened at the hospital
Pearl is christened at the hospital

Patrick joins Kim and Denise for the christening
Patrick joins Kim and Denise for the christening

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, February 23 at 8pm and Thursday, February 26 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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