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Jacqueline Talks Birth: 'I kept screaming – but Dan helped me through it'

Monday, 23 February 2015

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Jacqueline 22 has revealed the details about becoming a mother after daughter Ella Selina was born last week.

Jossa who playes Lauren Branning in EastEnders says she has no regrets to deliver in a birthing pool. In a joint interview with Dan, the pair spoke to OK Magazine Jacqueline said: "It was like she just swam up to us. She was given straight to me and it was just amazing.

"I was just looking at her thinking, 'What the Hell? That's my baby. And she looks just like me!'"

Via Instagram
Via Instagram 
Towie start Dan 23 says he remained by her side during the entire labour.  And he was not affraid to get involved either.
He said: "She was in the water for about four hours. Jackie's hands and feet were like a prune and my hands were wrinkled up."

Jacqueline, who was quick to commend her boyfriend for being so supportive throughout the labour process, added: "Dan was holding on to me, squeezing my arms and helping me push as well."
Via Instagram
Via Instagram
It seems as if the soapstar wasn't the only one praising Dan for his assistance in the delivery room.
Shortly after Ella Selina's birth, Jac's mum Selina - whom the baby girl is named after - also took to Twitter, reminding the TOWIE star that he also did a 'great job'.

Little Ella - whose name means 'fairy maiden' - joins Dan's one-year-old son Teddy, whom he had with ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin.

Story Source: Closer

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