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Is Emotional Vincent Kim's Husband?

Friday, 20 February 2015

/ by WalfordEast
We announced that Richard Blackwood was arriving in Walford some time ago and we said at the time that he may be the husband of Kim Fox Hubbard.

We did start doubting this after he appeared on screen and made a bee line for the Mitchell's.

We also noticed as Kim was being loaded into an ambulance with baby Pearl, Vincent looked emotional.

Is Vincent the man she met in the line at the kebab shop who she later married? Vincent is linked romantically to Ronnie and they met up in the flashback episode aired on Thursday. Ronnie told him she was scared, ‘I used to be the delinquent not you,’ said Vincent, before attempting to kiss her. It seems like these two go way back. Richard has said that his character is connected to everyone, so there’s a strong chance that he knows them both. ALSO! EastEnders have not yet revealed the characters last name which if it turns out to be Hubbard would have been a giveaway.

Welcome on board Richard, we look forward to seeing your shenanigans play out on screen!  

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