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Babs To Return Full Time?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

/ by WalfordEast

June Brown and Barbara Windsor

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 about her future on EastEnders, Windsor said: "We have a guv'nor [executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins] who's absolutely fantastic. Every now and again, he phones me and says, 'Do you fancy coming back?' He knows my love is here.

"I love it and all my mates are here and I love the camaraderie. Being an only child, it was like a family to me. I love all that and he knows. He kind of gets to me! I love him very much, the guv'nor, so who knows?"

She added of taking part in the soap's 30th anniversary: "I'm quite nervous. Because it's something I did for 16 years, to come back and there's all these new faces and all the rest of it.

"You think people will be saying, 'What's she doing back? Does she want to get in there and say get out of my pub?' I am a bit nervous, I really am.

"It is lovely because it was 16 years of my life. When I came in here, even though I'd been in the business for years and years and done so much, the Carry Ons were being shown all the time and that's the thing that everyone knew me for.

"It was, 'What are they doing getting her, she's not a proper actress'. I really had to earn my stripes when I came in, but I loved it and I thank them and I love them. My heart's here and when they say, 'Come and do a day', I can't resist it."

Windsor also previewed Peggy Mitchell's showdown with the Queen Vic's new landlord Mick Carter.

Danny Dyer and Barbara Windsor in The Vic

"I do a very nice scene with Danny Dyer and that made me nervous because he's the new guv'nor," she said. "I'm not like my character. Everyone thinks I'm tough and in charge, but no. But it's lovely, it's a lovely scene."

When quizzed on whether Peggy Mitchell will tell Mick to "get out of her pub", Windsor replied: "There is one of those lines, but who says it? It's a very nice little scene."

Windsor originally starred in EastEnders from 1994 to 2010.
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  1. I really hope Barbra Windsor comes back, she's the one who makes eastenders, she is eastenders in my mind and mind of others.


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