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Someone Helps Dot Murder Her Son

Sunday, 18 January 2015

/ by WalfordEast
Dot Branning is about to shock the world of television when she murders her son Nick during the shows 30th Anniversary.

Dot will also have help in the murder in the shape of someone she holds dear. All of us here at WalfordEast think it's Fatboy!

It is thought that Dot will take the full rap for killing her son during the 30th Anniversary live shows next month.
Dot will hand herself into the Police saying "I did it, I killed my son". There will be no huge investigation.

“It will emerge she may have had at least one accomplice, who may have actually carried it out. Dot might be taking the rap to protect someone.

“Gradually viewers will be able to piece together what happened with the help of flashbacks. It will be more like Broadchurch than Albert Square.”
It will be the second time Nick, played by John Altman, 62, has “died” after he faking his own demise last year.

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