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Next Week on EastEnders (Looks like another great week!)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Dean is still strutting around Walford without a care in the world, still sticking to his word that Linda is making everything up.

One person will not be buying Dean's story and that's Stacey Branning, Stacey visits Dean at Blades and tells him to stay away from Lilly and that she has given a statement to the Police leaving Dean devastated.

Mick's starting to panic that Linda will not get justice for what happened to her in October, he loses his rag with Stan who tells him it's Linda's word against Dean's.

Mick sees Dean walk into the bar and is furious and as Mick is about to turf the lowlife out the Police arrive.


It's the week of Emma's funeral and her ex Bryant turns up and bans Max from the service. Max decides to stay at home and seeks solace in the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

Carol visits Max to tell him not to mess with Phil and his money. Carol sees Max with Emma's mum Margot and assumes the pair are having an affair.

Max hits self destruct and hits the bottle again, he's on a mission!


Jane thinks the plans to her low key wedding are underway but walks in to find half of Walfords men dressed in kilts. Ian has decided the men will wear tartan on the big day.


Shabnam's 29th birthday and Masood is stunned when she reveals she has been left a substantial amount of money. Kush is buzzing after Shabnam kisses him but it's Stacey who is confused in the week when Shabnam reveals she has done something terrible that has been haunting her for years. Shabnam will finally reveal what secret she has harbored since she arrived back in Walford.

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