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Monday: "Your son attacked me" (VIDEO)

Friday, 16 January 2015

/ by WalfordEast
Linda's under pressure in Monday's episode. But from who?
EastEnders Monday by walfordeast
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  1. Plss dont let that b the end this is shit even give ten mins more after this I love it but dont leave us waiting in di sphere :D love wat ur doing with eastenders keep up the good work if you need any advice on how to keep the ratings up give me a shout :) i can give you drama from here to 2017 without loosing ur ratings :) #eastendersbestfan

  2. Love it 👌 love everything that's going on in Eastenders so far 😄 when do we find out about Lucy's killer but I've waited too long 😔

  3. Sherley how ever you spell it how the fuck can she belive that dirty tramp heartless bast Ard of a son you can tell his a sly bastard and as for the story line it's fucking discusting sorry about spelling I'm a wee bit pissed but they always say truth comes out when you drunk haha rant over 😆

  4. FFS, Get on with it, WHO killed Lucy?...starting to get a bit boring now, i think it's Abbey....justsaying


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