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"I want all the women in Walford" Blackwood on joining EastEnders (VIDEO)

Friday, 23 January 2015

/ by WalfordEast
Next month the Comedian/Actor/Presenter will be walking into Walford. He is tipped to be the new badman of the east end giving Phil Mitchell a run for his money.

Richards main priority when he arrives in E20? Well it seems to be the women! Richard will join the cast during the live week in February.

Speaking to The Radio Times, Richard says: "He's not just a villain in the sense that he's a basic villain," he told at last night's National Television Awards. "He's got good layers to him so I'm really looking forward to going in there and freaking people out."
Blackwood will speak his first lines live on set next month, but he's already made a sneaky appearance in Walford when a poster for one of his comedy gigs appeared in the background during last Monday's episode.

"That was on purpose," he says. "EastEnders know what they're doing. They subliminally put my picture in your head and you go, 'was that Richard Blackwood?' And bam, live episode – I'm there. It's to plant the seed. People think it was a mistake – it's not a mistake."

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