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Dot Kills Nick

Monday, 12 January 2015

/ by WalfordEast

 Dot Branning will be arrested for the murder of her son Nick Cotton.

We will have to wait until the 30th anniversary of the soap next month to watch the drama unfold in a string of live episodes.
According to the Sunday Mirror Dot will finally crack after years of torment from her criminal son, and on the realisation that he killed Emma Summerhayes and put Ronnie into a coma.
As with all things in soapland the plot will not be straightforward and will feature many twists and turns.
John Alterman and June Brown on EastEndersBBC
Sources say Dot will finally crack and will kill her evil son "Nasty" Nick Cotton
EastEnders spoiler Dot Cotton to kill son Nick 
Dot thought Nick died last year after he faked his own death
A source told the paper: "Having Dot accused of murdering Nick will be a real shocker for fans.
"Everyone has been waiting for Lucy Beale's killer to be revealed as part of the anniversary week – which will happen. But in this amazing twist, the soap will immediately be plunged into another big murder mystery."
The insider added: "The prospect of widowed pensioner Dot facing trial and being put behind bars for killing her son is a huge storyline. Producers have been plotting it for over a year, ever since John Altman returned.
"EastEnders have enjoyed a massive resurgence in recent months and producers are convinced this murder plot invoking Dot Dot will help them keep ahead in the ratings battle with Coronation Street."

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  1. My wife and I keep joking that Dot probably killed Lucy :D

  2. She already killed Ethel x

  3. Rot cotton 3x murderer wonder what will the man of cloth say when she goes for confession

  4. If Nick killed Emma does that mean that he also killed Lucy ?????


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