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Tuesday: Dean plans his revenge

Monday, 22 December 2014

/ by WalfordEast

Linda decides to talk to Stacey about Dean. Stacey urges her to tell Mick the truth. Even though Linda wants to be honest with Mick, she wonders what it would do to their relationship. There is also an added distraction when Johnny makes an announcement that shocks his family. Linda is upset by what Johnny has to say, but Nancy is surprised when she supports his decision. After saying an emotional farewell to her youngest son, Linda eventually accepts that Mick does need to know the truth, so she informs Stacey that she is going to tell him.

At the same time, Dean is confused after being dumped by Stacey as he doesn't know what the reason is, but all becomes clear when he finds out that she has grown close to Linda. Wanting to regain control, Dean storms over to The Vic and orders Linda to stop 'lying' about him. Dean wants Linda to convince Stacey to give him another chance, but they are interrupted by Lee who wants to know what's going on. Dean then drops a bombshell in front of Lee…
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  1. Lee could kill Dean - but I so want to see Danny Dyer at his meanest . . . . . phwoar!!!

  2. I absoloutly hate dean hes an idiot.well done for telling someone linda and stacey x

  3. Some people go years without speaking of their trauma.... All these people wanting it's gone on too long... what's the time scale of things like this???

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Linda didnt tell stacy.....stacy figured it out by the way linda was acting.. as stacy has been raped by archie....I agree dean is a idiot but by xmas it will be bye bye dean as mick finds out :-/


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