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In The News: Here's How Much It Costs To Make A Single Episode Of EastEnders

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EastEnders costings revealed

According to The Radio Times, the NAO have revealed that a year's worth of EastEnders costs £29.9 million to make.

When you break that down, it means that each half hour episode costs £141,000. That may sound like a lot, but it seems to be the norm, with Emmerdale coming in at £125,000 per episode.

EastEnders writers are paid anywhere between £5,000 - £12,000 per episode, depending on experience.

When it comes down to the touchy subject of actors salaries, earnings range from £12,000 to over £200,000 per year.

BBC, EastEnders

The Radio Times said that when some EastEnders salaries were leaked in 2006, it was revealed that Natalie Cassidy (Sonia) was on £150,000, Cliff Parisi (Minty) was on £220,000, Barbara Windsor (Peggy) and Steve McFadden (Phil) were both on £360,000 and Wendy Richard (Pauline) £370,000. But, based on the actors appearing in every episode and including the omnibus repeat fee, these figures amounted to the maximum each could earn.

The cost of making EastEnders is now in the public domain, thanks to a recent National Audit Office report on the BBC’s continuing dramas.

EastEnders’ £29.9m annual budget, £2.9m is spent on scripts, while £6.9m is spent on paying actors, extras and chaperones for child actors. - When compared to other soaps and television series around the world, the budget is actually a little on the small side.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

EastEnders Friday Trailer: "STOP IT!"

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Friday 8pm BBC One

Michelle snaps when she spots Tom waiting for her. Will he take note or will she see his darker side? This episode airs tonight, 8pm on BBC One.

Carter Family Devastated: "They have five weeks, then they're out!"

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Mick and Linda meet Hugo

Just when the Carter family begin to get their lives back on track, Luke arrives to give the couple a warning.

Knowing they can't afford anything, he gives them an extremely high figure of how much it's going to cost them on repairs for the pub.

It is then revealed to them that if they don't pay immediately, they will be evicted by Grafton Hill.

Fi insists there is absolutely nothing she can do to help, leaving the family to come up with ideas on how to raise the money.

The Carter's receive worrying news

How will they raise the money 

Whitney comes up with an idea of paying Grafton Hill in installments, so Linda contacts the company to arrange a meeting.

Fi assures her uncle Hugo, no matter how optimistic the Carters seem, they will not be able to keep up the payments, meaning they will finally get their grubby hands on the pub.

As Mick and Linda sit down with Hugo and share their proposal, they are shocked when it is instantly rejected, being told they have 5 weeks to pay, or they'll be evicted.

Fi pretends to take Mick and Linda's side, explaining how she had no idea this would happen.

Linda shows Hugo their proposal

Five weeks and you're out!

Worried that they are about to lose the pub, they feel they are handed a lifeline when Fi arrives with an offer, sell the leasehold of the pub and receive a nice payout - and they only have until the end of the day to decide.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Mick contemplates selling the freehold, but what will he decide to do when Hugo arrives for his answer?

The one person who has been keeping a watchful eye over the whole process is Shirley Carter, who is becoming more suspicious of Fi's behaviour.

With Shirley being the one that forged Mick's signature on the original contract, is she about to get them out of this mess?

Hugo arrives for an answer 

EastEnders air these episodes next week on BBC One

Max's Softer Side Returns Tonight

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Tonight, 7.30pm BBC One

Ever since his return to Walford last year, Max Branning has been determined to bring down as many people as possible, but tonight it looks like the old Max will be making a return.

He decides to visit Stacey and sees that she is struggling to cope with her daughter being in intensive care.

Poor Martin tries to take her mind off the situation by suggesting names for their daughter. Stacey loses her temper and Martin storms out the room.

As Martin is being comforted by Michelle, Max pays Stacey a visit and offers her some kind words of advice.

Stacey struggles to cope

It's probably the first time this year we have seen a sensitive side of Max, showing how much he still cares for Stacey.

Although we will also see him continue to try and get Jane out of Walford, we did reveal yesterday how next week, Max will start to have doubts about his involvement in the Willmott-Brown plan. Is it too late for him to start backtracking?

EastEnders airs this episode tonight, 7.30pm on BBC One

Luke Turns His Attention To Jay Mitchell

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Luke has an idea

Jay Mitchell will be drawn into Luke's plans next week as the scheming businessman has his sights firmly on the car lot land.

Ben was surprised when Luke asked to give their relationship another go, but it looks like it's all in the name of business.

With Ben smitten, Luke approaches Jay and makes a huge offer on the car lot land. While Jay ponders over the life changing offer, Luke also tells Ben that he has an idea about the Arches.

News of the possible business changes reaches Phil which leaves him concerned. Will he be able to put a stop to it before it's too late?

Luke makes Jay an offer

Will Jay accept?

Luke has an idea about the Arches

Phil's concerned for the business

EastEnders airs these episodes next week on BBC One

Donna Demands Robbie Takes Her On A Date

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Will they, won't they?

Robbie Jackson has his work cut out for him next week when Donna Yates insists he takes her out on a date.

Robbie decides to give online dating a go, determined to get some kind of love life. But when he is stood up, Donna is on hand to lift his spirits.

Donna tells him that he can taker her out instead, but when the online date asks for another chance to meet, Donna decides to get up to no good, causing problems for her colleague. Will her plan for love work?

EastEnders, BBC One

Viewers will have to wait and see what EastEnders have in store for these two, but their will certainly be a few laughs along the way.

These episodes air next week on BBC One

First Look: Max Ends His Revenge Plan!

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Max Branning Wants Out

As the plan for the takeover of Walford continues, Max Branning's conscience will make a guest appearance next week as he starts to feel guilty.

Needing more inside information from the council, Max turns to Carmel who is still unaware of his intentions.

Fi Browning is clearly the person putting on the pressure for Max to get things done, who needs information on the sealed bids, but just when it looks like Carmel has fallen for his charms again, Max's conscience gets the better of him and he realises he can no longer betray her.

Max has a change of heart

EastEnders BBC One

EastEnders BBC One

Luke airs his concerns about Max

As the news reaches Luke that Max has backed down, he relays his concerns to his father (James Willmott-Brown) that the family can no longer rely on him.

Despite Fi's efforts, Max stays true to his words and ends things with Carmel, adamant that nobody else is going to get hurt in the crossfire.

Max tells Willmott-Brown that he is done with the plan, leaving Fi divided between her boyfriend and her father.

James wants Fi to try harder

Max won't hurt anyone else

EastEnders BBC One

EastEnders BBC One

EastEnders BBC One

EastEnders BBC One

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One

Monday Trailer: "Mr Fowler, we need to talk about Stacey"

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Monday 16th October, BBC One

Martin is over the moon to hear that he has a daughter, but he is about to learn that there have been complications. This episode airs tonight, 8pm on BBC One.

A Look Ahead: Monday 16th October

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Stacey Fowler, EastEnders

Viewers were left shocked last week when Stacey Fowler collapsed and suffered a seizure. After complications with her pregnancy, Stacey is wheeled in to have an emergency C-section.

Martin is informed that he has a little girl, but his wife lays in a critical condition. If that wasn't enough, he is also told that there are further complications with his daughter.

Also in this episode, with Jane preparing to speak to the police, Max arrives and issues her with a threat she can't ignore.

Speaking to the police, Jane reveals all about Steven, news that shocks Ian. The threat seems to have worked as she keeps Max's name out of it. A scared Jane tells Ian that she doesn't want to return to Walford.

Max threatens Jane

Keanu gets a new job

Elsewhere, Keanu signs up to the escort agency but lies to his family, claiming he has found work in a bar.

It's not long before Keanu gets his first booking.

This episode airs on Monday 16th October, 8pm on BBC One

Luke Reaches Out - Could Ben Be The Key?

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Luke meets with Ben

After standing his ground and embarrassing Luke at his place of work, Ben Mitchell will be shocked next week when Luke reaches out to him.

Luke asks Ben for another chance and he agrees to meet him. He is intrigued to know what Luke has to say about the disastrous way he left things after meeting his parents.

Ben is completely unaware that he is dating the son of his mother's rapist. What does he have in store for the young Mitchell and does it have any involvement in his exit later this year?

Ben wants to give the relationship another go

Many fans have speculated that Luke will genuinely fall for Ben in time, causing him to turn his back on his father, James Willmott-Brown.

Although his exit is said to be explosive, maybe he's the one person that gains access to what's really going on and blows the whistle on everyone's plans.

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One

FIRST LOOK: Keanu Gets His First Booking!

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Keanu starts his new job

Seeing his mum struggling to pay the loan shark and keep food on the table, Keanu decides to contact the escort agency to see if he can get some work.

With Keanu wondering if he's doing the right thing, the agency boss is very keen to sign him up.

Keanu feels he has no other option and accepts her offer. It's not long before he gets his first booking.

Preparing for the date, Keanu decides to keep his actual job a secret, telling his family that he's found some bar work.

Keanu waits for his date

Sitting at the hotel bar, Keanu is feeling extremely nervous , but when his glamorous date Julie arrives, she soon puts him at ease.

With an income starting to pour in, he is determined to impress Ingrid. Keanu will undoubtedly do his best to keep his new job a secret, but it's Walford and somewhere along the line, the truth will find it's way to the surface.

Julie puts Keanu at ease
Keanu wants to impress Ingrid

EastEnders air these episodes next week on BBC One

Max Branning Is Given His Next Job, Can He Pull It Off?

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How will he pull it off?

Max Branning is left shocked next week when he is given a huge job to do by Willmott-Brown, but left contemplating if he can even pull it off.

Over the next couple of weeks, James Willmott-Brown will get his feet firmly under the table, with Max Branning and James' own children completely unaware of his reasons why.

As Ian breaks the news to Kathy that he and Jane are still moving out, we learn that Ian agrees to sell his house to Weyland & Co, possibly with the help of Max.

James was imprisoned 25 years ago for raping another woman, but still blames Kathy for ruining his life.

Viewers will also see Luke go crawling back to Ben, has he fallen for the young Mitchell, or is it a plan to get his hands on the Arches?

James Willmott-Brown

Luke Browning

What will Max's next move be?

EastEnders airs this episode on Tuesday 17th October, BBC One.

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