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First Look: EastEnders In 2018

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EastEnders, BBC One

After a manic Christmas in Walford, the drama doesn't end there with 2018 getting off to an explosive start. The BBC has released pictures showing EastEnders' first episode of the new year.

It's the day of Aidan's big job and with everyone on-board, could it all go to plan?

The long awaited job kickstarts the New Year

After recent events, Mick is fully onboard with the plan

Aidan needs to make sure everyone knows exactly what they are doing

Sharon knows something is going on

Phil assures Sharon that everything is fine

Keanu hangs out at the Arches

Kathy holds a party at the cafe

Kathy tries to put recent events behind her

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders airs this episode on 1st January on BBC One.

Mick Carter Faces Christmas Day Arrest

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EastEnders, BBC One

With Aidan and the gang all set for their New Year's job, it looks like Mick will get cold feet and pull out of the job altogether.

Aidan sees this as a betrayal and is furious, he's not ready to let Mick go leaving him with a huge dilemma on Christmas Day.

So far Keanu Taylor, Phil Mitchell and Vincent Hubbard are all in for making some extra money, but after Mick accepts the offer, he pulls out with just days to go.

Sadly, Mick will learn that you can't just pull out of a job like this, especially with Aidan in control.

EastEnders, BBC One

With the couple focused on renewing their wedding vows, Mick gets a call from Aidan, telling him that he has left him a special present, it's a gun.

To make matters worse, Aidan also reveals that the police have already been called as revenge for pulling out of the plan.

How will Mick get himself out of this mess, and will it ruin the Carters Christmas Day?

This episode airs on Christmas Day at 9pm on BBC One.

First Look: Fi Takes Action Against Her Father

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EastEnders, BBC One

In a twist this Christmas, Fi Browning will follow in Josh's footsteps and take action against her father, James Willmott-Brown.

Despite the troubling look she gives everytime her father does something immoral, Fi seems to be firmly under his spell.

When she starts to listen to warnings from Kathy Beale and her little brother Josh, the truth about who her father really is starts to finally sink in.

With Josh telling his father that he is no longer doing his dirty work for him, he is keen for his sister to do the same.

EastEnders, BBC One
The first sign that he is losing his hold on his daughter is when he sees her making a secret visit to Kathy on Christmas Eve.

After Christmas, Fi finally comes to realisation that her father really is the monster people are saying, changing her life forever.

She decides to make a big move and breaks into Willmott-Brown's office, but what does she plan to do with any evidence she finds? - With Fi leaving EastEnders after Christmas, will she do the right thing before she leaves?

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders airs this episode on Christmas Eve on BBC One.

First Look: Josh Stands Up To His Father

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EastEnders, BBC One

Viewers will finally see James Willmott-Brown and his family start to fall apart next week. James has always counted on his children to do his dirty work, but all that is about to change.

When Josh reaches breaking point, he stands up to his father, putting him in his place, even if it costs him his job.

Josh tells him that he is sick and tired of how Weyland & Co is operating, he's disgusted what the company is doing to ordinary people for profit.

He continues, saying that he is out of the company, and wants nothing more to do with it.

EastEnders, BBC One

As his sister Fi watches on, how long will it be before she follows in his footsteps? - EastEnders airs this episode on Thursday 14th December on BBC One.

Huge Mick Carter New Year's Storyline

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EastEnders, BBC One

An hour long special of EastEnders has been confirmed for New Year's Day, with Mick Carter taking centre stage.

With Christmas Day being the biggest day in soapland, New Year's Eve/Day has become a close second.

As 2018 starts out in Walford, Aidan Maguire's big job will play out. Mick Carter will agree to be part of the gang, desperate to make the money to keep his family secure.

The full line-up will also include Phil Mitchell, Vincent Hubbard and Keanu Taylor.

EastEnders, BBC One

With every one of them playing an important part, things get off to a bad start when Mick arrives late, thanks to Shirley who tries to stop him from going.

Shirley is determined to mess up the plan, not wanting Mick to end up in prison thanks to Aidan.

Shirley teams with Linda and the pair go in search of the people Aidan is involved with, from there things start to dramatically fall apart for Aidan.

EastEnders bosses are keeping the rest of the storyline a closely guarded secret, but have promised that EastEnders will welcome 2018 with a bang.

EastEnders, BBC One

Don't forget, New Year's Day will also see the full-time return for Masood Ahmen, he returns to the square with two new characters, aunty Mariam and uncle Arshad.

EastEnders airs this episode on New Year's Day.

Kandice Taylor Storyline Revealed

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Kandice Taylor, EastEnders

Hannah Spearritt's storyline has been revealed as Kandice Taylor makes her appearance over Christmas.

Karen will turn up on Kandice's doorstep after heartbreaking events leave them seeking her help.

After over-spending money to give her children their best Christmas ever, Karen is shocked when bailiffs turn up once again.

She is left devastated when the bailiffs take all the children's Christmas presents. She is still determined to have a good Christmas and suggests visiting her rich sister.

EastEnders, BBC One

Bernadette decides to do all the talking, hoping Kandice will take pity after hearing what the family have been through.

EastEnders are not giving away if Kandice will help her family out, but we're told to watch out for a Christmas miracle.

About joining the soap, Hanna recently said: "I'm over the moon to be joining the show, it's such a huge part of British telly. I'm really looking forward to getting started and I can't wait to see the Square in the flesh. Walford here I come!"

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

Max Branning Christmas Day Storyline Revealed!

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EastEnders, BBC One

Christmas Day will be another big day for Max Branning, revealing his darkest secrets yet. Max has already been shunned by the local residents, except for longtime friend Stacey Fowler.

As we revealed yesterday, Jane Beale left a voicemail on Stacey's stolen phone, a phone that is about to make it's way back to its owner. The voicemail message has only been heard by the Taylor boys.

EastEnders have confirmed that the voicemail will be heard by everyone close to Max on Christmas Day. The message contains details of Max's involvement in Steven's death, as well as his attempt at trying to kill her, plus much more!

EastEnders, BBC One

When Karen Taylor tries to raise money for her family's Christmas, she finds Stacey's phone that her son had stolen, she tells him that he must return it to Stacey.

Stacey is thrilled to be reunited with her phone on Christmas Day and wastes no time in plugging it in to charge it up.

It just so happens that Max and Abi are spending their Christmas with the Fowler's and show bosses have teased an almighty downfall for Max Branning.

The new revelations will destroy the Branning family forever, but as always, as well as this storyline, EastEnders promises much more on the biggest day in soapland.

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders air this episode on Christmas Day, 9pm on BBC One

Will Jane Beale Be Max's Downfall?

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Jane Beale, EastEnders

Many of you were left wondering if EastEnders were about to revisit an old storyline, especially when there still seemed to be chemistry between Max and Stacey in last nights episode.

Before Jane left our screens for good, she left Stacey a voicemail, revealing everything that is yet to be exposed about Max.

Soon we will see the Taylors start to raise money for their Christmas, selling some of their belongings. This includes Stacey's phone that is currently hiding under Bernadette's bed.

Bernadette Taylor, EastEnders

Now all we need to know is who buys Stacey's stolen phone, and can the message be heard in time to save two people on Max's hit list?

Up until now, Stacey remains Max's only ally, but when Stacey finds out what Max has done to Steven and Jane, will she be so quick to forgive him once more?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

Friday Trailer: "No, no police!"

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Mick, Donna and Martin rush to Aidan's aid after he is mugged. This episode airs tonight, 8pm on BBC One.

EastEnders Pictures: 18th - 22nd December

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EastEnders, BBC One

Christmas is well underway with new pictures released showing the run-up to the big day. Karen is spreading the Christmas cheer, Martin has a Santa mankini and Lauren agrees to leave Walford, plus much more.

Abi tells Lauren she wants their dad in her life
After her chat, Abi is left wondering if she's doing the right thing
Abi feels her baby kick for the first time

Abi confides in Stacey, telling her she's worried about raising the baby alone
Stacey makes Abi realise she can do it alone
Vincent has some big news for Aidan
Vincent reveals that he's having doubts

Kim wants to try for another baby
Vincent fears it is too soon to try again
Aidan is not keen to let Vincent go
But chooses the worst time to turn up
Has Aidan convinced him to stay on board?

Tina thinks she might be pregnant
Billy and Honey turn up at the chemist
It's not long before Billy realises what Tina's doing there
Karen is in the festive spirit
EastEnders, BBC One
Karen is determined to have a great Christmas

Ian walks in as Lauren agrees to move to Glasgow with Josh
Ian is disgusted by their relationship
Robbie wants the market traders to wear a Christmas t-shirt
The market traders have their Christmas party
A mix-up with the secret Santa leaves Donna furious
Robbie has no idea what he's done wrong
Stacey is annoyed with Martin

Linda is caught looked for her present, shocked by what she finds
Will Mick come clean to Linda?
EastEnders, BBC One
Max watches Lauren and Josh
Max contemplates his next move

Max confronts Ian
Ian is left Shaken
Ian arrives home to find Max waiting
Ian fears the worst
Max tells Ian that he's going to kill him
Ian defends himself

Karen continues to spread the Christmas joy
Karen is determined to have the best Christmas
Kush gives Donna her real secret Santa gift
Donna realises she needs to apologise to Robbie

There you have it, more pictures will be released as Christmas Day approaches. EastEnders air these episodes from 18th December on BBC One.
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