PICTURES: Mick and Ronnie plot against Dean

It's approaching the time you have all been waiting for, Dean Wicks will get his comeuppance. In these pictures released are from an episode due to air on November 2nd show Mick, who is at the end of his tether, meets Ronnie to put a plan together to get rid of Dean once and for all.

The question is, after all the pain Dean has caused his family, Mick is in deed a family man. Will he actually go through with the plan?

It has recently been announced that Matt Di Angelo, who plays Dean, will leave the show with some at EastEnders saying that Dean “gets his comeuppance”, while adding: “Matt’s exit will be explosive. Viewers are in for a nail-biting treat.”

The insider went on: “We’re giving nothing away but there’s lots more drama to come.”