Why Bobby Makes Total Sense

The who killed Lucy Beale whodunnit was one of the biggest soap storylines in the history of all whodunnit's. Now the story has almost come to an end and this is why it makes total sense.

Bobby stands holding the music box
© BBC / Jack Barnes
Bobby stands holding the music box

"Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy!"

After a whirlwind 10 months, the mystery has been solved - It was Bobby Beale who  killed Lucy.

Social Media reactions have been mixed but whoever it was going to be would have caused some kind of stir.

"That was obvious!", "I knew it would be her!", "Rubbish!" - come on, no matter who the killer was, it was always going to have its detractors. And there's no denying Dominic Treadwell-Collins and team would have expected even more with this reveal. But that's the beauty of it.

But in some ways, it all makes perfect sense.

Eliot Carrington as Bobby Beale in EastEnders
© BBC / Jack Barnes
Eliot Carrington as Bobby Beale

Bobby was always there, watching and listening as his family life revolved around his sister's latest drama. We heard him telling Denise in the flashback episode that Ian and Lucy had had another row. The kid must have been drained. It was all bubbling away in the background.

When you look back at the 10 months, Jane took Bobby up north and that was the biggest clue of all!

Then he returns, having found his way back to London and hiding by the spot Lucy's body was found. Never mind that major flag, we also saw him with a folder of press cuttings. Oh, he was just investigating the murder, we were told. Nope. Another great clue planted right in front of us - poor Bobby had kept all the press about the crime he had committed. Someone's going to need counselling.

The reveal was chilling. Jane was backed by many as being the person who would cover it up for another, but until the last few days, Bobby had not been a real contender.

Jane is shocked at what she sees
Jane is shocked at what she sees

Scenes where Emma (RIP Summerhayes) met someone in the park now make sense. While unconfirmed, if she had met Jane in the park and heard the truth, it now makes sense why she was hesitant to go to her bosses and solve the case.

Sure, it was a cheeky move to give us an official suspects list and not include the little fella, but that's the soap's prerogative. There's no denying some people will feel cheated by this, but in a way I'm glad. I'd been over the list so many times that I'd found a strong for and against case for each Albert Square resident.

Throwing the person we'd least expect into the mix was a bold, brave and rather outrageous move. But let's not get carried away in calling this an anti-climax or a disaster just yet. Adam Woodyatt and Laurie Brett will carry what is sure to be a hard-hitting aftermath, and based on what we've seen, Eliot Carrington will deliver in giving Bobby a more prominent presence.

On that note - I'm more annoyed at myself for not questioning the sudden recast. Makes sense now when you realise the increased role. No pressure, kid!

Lucy sends a text to someone
Lucy in the flashback episode

When the plot was first announced, it was promised to be "raw, emotional and gritty". There's no-one who will argue that the Bobby outcome doesn't deliver just that.

Congratulations to the entire EastEnders team, cast and crew on what we've seen so far this week.

Tonight's live aftermath episode promises to be a spectacular half hour of drama as Ian confronts Jane and (hopefully) learns the truth. Bobby was the product of an extremely dysfunctional environment and hopefully the Beales will realise that and not ship him off to live with some off-screen relatives.


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  2. As I was always told, growing up - "blood will out" - and it will - Bobby is related to Ben after all - just saying!!!


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